Death by erotic massage

You could probably rearrange all of the pissing reaction gifs people have made over the past day or so into that entire episode of Sherlock again and that just makes me feel queasy


When your girl comes to watch you play basketball

Vine by: MArk Wright Jr.

MY new years resolution is to frown more and be more disapproving of the wordl

dude I’m 21 in like 5 days

Ad(vertising) Lib(erace)

Vegetables are stupid and lazy I mean when was the last time you saw a carrot or a turnip that was a qualified astronaut??? They don’t have what it takes to go into space just into your belly

merrylittlebird said: i thought for so long like “is he gonna point out that it isnt a sphere” and then i said FLIP IT and now i look like a fuppin spoon.

I’m sorry Happy Christmas Mike

merrylittlebird said: earth

Ain’t a sphere it’s like a stupid oval because of spinning round the big yellow man

name one bad thing that is spherical I fucking dare you


aw dude I got wine

It’s a 2008 shiraz and I’m a 1993 terrible man